Why Easter makes me want to fight

Sometimes the evil in this world overwhelms me.

A recent news story brought this home to me. A 7-year-old New Jersey girl was gang raped by at least seven teenage/young adult men. Appalling. But equally appalling is that the girl’s 15-year-old sister first prostituted herself with them and then offered her young sister in prostitution to these men.

I was devastated for this child. Betrayed by her sister. Robbed of her innocence. Broken in heart, mind, soul and body by those who are given over to depravity.

I can’t ignore evil.

I can’t hide from it.

I can’t outrun it.

I have to fight it.

At that point, the only thing I could do was hit my knees in prayer for this little girl, the same age as my daughter, and beg God for his healing for her and her family. I fought against the darkness with the only weapon I had, yet my prayers felt inadequate. Grief and anger overwhelmed me. Darkness threatened to triumph as it tried to rip apart relationships, bodies, souls, and mocked purity and justice.

Isn’t this why Christ had to die?

His death was the ultimate battle against evil. If he had lost (that is, if he had been able to lose), then Satan would have won. And for a time, as that dark day of his crucifixion drew to a close, it must have seemed that evil had won. Christ was dead, his body placed in a grave, every hope of salvation gone. That was Friday.

But Sunday was coming . . .

His resurrection was the ultimate triumph over evil. It proved that death couldn’t chain him, the grave couldn’t hold him, evil would not—could not—prevail. No matter how fallen this world still is, no matter how much evil seems to triumph in the here-and-now, this darkness will not forever. God will restore his creation to its original glory and there will no longer be sin and disease and betrayal and death.

That restoration has begun.

This gives me hope that my own feeble attempts to combat evil are not in vain. Darkness will not reign forever, nor can it withstand the blows of even one inadequate prayer from one imperfect Christian. When I didn’t know what or how to pray for this exploited, betrayed child, God still used my weak words to fight the darkness threatening to destroy her.

Someday the restoration will be complete.

For now, I will continue to fight in the best way I know how—on my knees.


2 thoughts on “Why Easter makes me want to fight

  1. The evil in the world is overwhelming, especially now that we can go online and get all the news, in gory detail, from around the world. We can’t always give tangible help, but we can always pray.


    1. Thanks, Meg. I wonder if I would be quite as overwhelmed by evil if I couldn’t get on CNN.com and find out about so many atrocities. Still, I have to pray even if I don’t know all the details and all the newstories.


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