With every freedom comes a responsibility

  • The freedom to worship where we please…

…and the responsibility to worship not just when we please.

  • The freedom to speak our minds…

…and the responsibility to know when silence is the better choice, both in politics and in personal relationships.

  • The freedom to pursue happiness…

…and the responsibility not to seek it at the expense of others’ dignity and liberty.

  • The freedom to seek justice on behalf of ourselves…

…and the responsibility to work for justice on behalf of the needy and oppressed, even those who do not live in our country.

  • The freedom to have life…

…and the responsibility not to waste it on the trivial and transient, but to live for the eternal.

Just a few things to think about as you celebrate our freedom this 4th of July weekend.


2 thoughts on “With every freedom comes a responsibility

  1. Have you heard of something known as the “New Exodus”?

    “Righteousness is the longing for that to be made right. Righteousness unsettles us. It forces us to feel the tension of living in a world where some people have much and some people have almost nothing. When righteousness sees pirates hijacking ships it doesn’t begin by sounding off about lawless, uncivilized behavior. It asks, why are there brothers and sisters who don’t have food and water in the first place? Blessed are those who live in this tension. Blessed are those who allow themselves to be disrupted by what they see in the world around them.” From “Reader #4: Hunger+Thirst” http://www.marshill.org/pdf/sotm/SotmReader100409.pdf


    1. Michael,
      I’d never heard of the “New Exodus”, but I am intrigued! I totally agree that we ought to be disrupted (or even angered, when justified) by the world around us. In many cases (such as human trafficking, etc.), if we aren’t disturbed, angered, sickened by what is happening, then I am afraid that we might not be following Christ as closely as we should. After all, I seriously doubt Jesus wouldn’t have been angered at seeing humans being horribly mistreated by others. That’s what I thought of when I read your quote. Thanks for reading. Laura


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