Top Posts of 2010

Here’s a year-end update on my most popular blog posts of 2010.

Hands down, the top post was Knit, Pray, Love: What’s so special about a homemade gift?  Brant Hansen, a radio deejay on WAY-fm, headed over to Afghanistan in November to CURE International hospital in Kabul. He brought along special gifts for the babies in NICU: knitted blankets, hats, and booties, specially made for these little ones.

I’m not sure why this particular post got so much blog traffic. Perhaps it was the featured baby’s photo, the number of searches for knitting patterns, or interest in Brant’s project. All I know is that the project was a success. Check out Brant’s video on YouTube. I teared up when I saw him doing “kangaroo care” for a tiny baby, a little one whose head is smaller than Brant’s fingers.

Other popular posts:

Heartbroken & Betrayed: Could I ever trust again? There must be a lot of heartbroken and betrayed people in this world, because a lot of people read this post. I hope that it encouraged them to learn to trust again.

Why marital boredom isn’t inevitable (even if the YMCA ladies think it is).  This is the post that generated the most discussion, and frankly, I wasn’t pleased with how I handled it. New Year’s Resolution Number One: learn how to moderate discussions better and confront others in a mature, tactful and firm way.

Aisha: Her courage is beautiful A gripping image, an even more gripping story: a young Afghan woman has her nose and ears cut off after she fled her abusive in-laws. In a July post on Time‘s website, the magazine’s editor, Richard Stengel, wrote that Aisha was in a safe location and would be taken to the U.S. for reconstructive surgery.

The sting of rejection & words of encouragement More rejection letters have rolled in, but I take comfort in two things:

1) The agents aren’t rejecting me, only my work. Publishing is a business, the agents have to make a living, and whether they decide to even look at my manuscript involves any number of factors, such as personal taste, the salability of the book, and the current state of publishing.

2) I have people who have encouraged me as I work toward publishing my first novel.

To everyone who has been moved by these stories, posted a comment here or on Facebook, or simply read the blog, thank you. I am grateful that you have carved time from your busy lives to read my work. I’m a reluctant blogger at best, and you have encouraged me more than words can express. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Top Posts of 2010

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Jon. I’m still technically on blog-writing hiatus, but I thought I’d give my readers a little something at the end of the year. Happy New Year to you, too!


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