Taking a break again

I’m taking a break from blogging for a while. I’m working on a second novel, and my creativity in my fiction writing seems to go down when I write non-fiction (not to mention doing Facebook and Twitter, which leave me exhausted mentally). So I’m taking a break to do the thing I love most: write fiction!

Feel free to email me (see the contact page).


9 thoughts on “Taking a break again

  1. I know I only just started following yoru blog, Laura, but I must say I’m going to miss your insights. If you ever want to put a little activity on this site, I can offer a guest post or two like the ones I’ve had up on a few other blogs. In fact, I’ve got one up at Aubry Smith’s My Offerings today: http://myofferings.wordpress.com/2012/03/12/guest-post-seeing-me-for-who-i-really-am/. (If you get a chance to check it out, I’d appreciate whatever insights you have; I’m still somewhat new to this blogging thing!)

    Hope the novel comes along swiftly and well.



    1. Hi, Tim,
      No, I don’t have a publisher (or agent, either) and haven’t published my book. I’m taking a break from querying agents and such, too; it’s just so exhausting! I’m not giving up, though; just taking a break.


      1. I was wondering the same thing, Laura. I’ve gone through the query letters (a hundred or so?) and gotten close to getting an agent a couple times on my two novels. No takers in the end though. Oh well, I just need to get back at it myself I suppose!


  2. Hi Laura; hi Tim! I admire your chutzpah; the simple thing is to keep writing, regardless of dreams of success and fame and the like. Just chipping away each day will hopefully get you closer to your goal. And remember, whether published or not, you are still a writer who writes! I enjoy reading your blog very much and that’s a start. If you can get people to enjoy your blog, you have something. We may not reach a readership like J.K. Rowling or Dan Brown, who I’m a BIG fan of incidentally, but if we can earn an honest living writing, doing what we love, then we are certainly blessed!

    Keep writing!

    One of my email friends is a published author, and even he, after having a number of books published, found that it was very hard to get others published; so there will be struggle, but, such is life.


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