On Being a Woman and A Bible Major

This post fit nicely with my post today, and I had to reblog it. What does it take to be a woman in seminary? I’d been wondering why so few female theologians are quoted in sermons (or ever) and why there are so few female theologians. We’re talking scholars, not pastors, so who could possibly object to that? This post partially answers my question.

Here’s one quote that resonates with my personal experiences:

“After all of this, I had to wonder: How much does a girl have to endure before she starts to internalize the idea that her voice matters less simply because she is female?” –Julie Dykes

via On Being a Woman and A Bible Major.


2 thoughts on “On Being a Woman and A Bible Major

  1. I find this quote interesting in light of the fact that I was just reading an article out here about how Silicon Valley values women THE LEAST (pay wise, etc) when compared to other states and areas in the U.S. As my partner starts to interview for a job that she’s been “contracting for” in the last year, she’s been brain-washed to believe that she “shouldn’t be asking for too much in the way of compensation” least she “offend” anyone that is interested in hiring her….As a woman, it sickens me that we sooo undervalue our true, inherent worth. We are MAJOR contributors to the work force today and yet we are so UNDERVALUED by society, as a whole ( and by ourselves, as well)…..drives me nuts! Oh well….


    1. Lucie, thanks for reading this. I live in a tech area (our nickname is “Silicon of the South”) and I can definitely understand that Silicon Valley doesn’t truly value female contributions to technology, etc. I’m not entirely certain why: is it the gender imbalance in the science/tech classes and workforce? And why is there this huge gender imbalance in certain professions? Is it that young women aren’t encouraged enough to pursue the tech areas (nor the young men encouraged to consider “softer” professions, such as elementary school teaching or other nurturing types of jobs)? Is it a biological/chemical difference in the brain? Nature versus nurture . . . I’m curious about how to stop the devaluing of my gender’s contributions, but also about why it happens in the first place!


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