The Marketing Genius (a short story)

I’m excited to have my short story “The Marketing Genius” published on It came out on the 21st, but for various reasons (including a lapse in my email checking for over 24 hours, how shocking!), I’m just now announcing it to you.

If you’re familiar with, you know that it is the brainchild of Dr. Walker Karraa, a mama who has a passion for stopping the stigma of mental illness. (You might also guess that this story has zip to do with marketing as we normally think of it!) I’m honored to have my story on her site, and I hope you’ll check it out. If you do, try to guess which novel most influenced my characterization of the protagonist.

“The Marketing Genius”

Despite what all those other marketing gurus say, influencing people doesn’t have to involve complicated plans, social media campaigns, or photo shoots with bikini models plumped up with saline and hairspray and athletes pumped up with steroids and fame. No, it’s really far easier than that. Anyone could do it, but I’m the best. Want the secret? Here it is:

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3 thoughts on “The Marketing Genius (a short story)

  1. Great post. I left this comment there:

    “Humans want to believe that they’re better than those people who are different from them.”

    That really is a powerful tool in Stigma’s hands, Laura, that sense of being superior to those who are different from us. But we are all different, and all the same. Everyone hurts somehow, and almost everyone can give comfort.

    Thanks for pointing out the subtle and deadly work that Stigma is doing in the world. This post is a blessing.


      1. Oh, and I left this comment over there.

        I think most of us struggle with feeling superior to others. Then, on the flip side, most of us struggle with feeling inferior to others. Either way, it isn’t healthy and it’s far too self-centered (comparing self to others is still centered on self!) When we’re jolted out of that self-centeredness, we can see what you’ve pointed out: we’re all different, we’re all the same, we all hurt, and we need to give others comfort and be willing to receive others’ comfort as well. Thanks for reading!

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