Why Syria Matters

In an article in The Guardian about the fighting in Yarmouk, an activist is quoted as saying, “What I feel and most of the people who left and survived feel is complete disappointment and absolute sadness, and a feeling of betrayal … most importantly from the international community.”

Why, when there are so many other pressing things in my life, should I care about Syria? Because those in Yarmouk are human. I MUST care about others. Turning a blind eye is not an option.


3 thoughts on “Why Syria Matters

  1. Thank you for sharing this. It is so easy to get caught up in daily life struggles as well as overwhelmed by the needs, that it is easy to forget about or ignore the suffering that takes place in the world. I think this quote sums up what our attitude towards global problems should be:
    “And there are no shortcuts. John Eldebo, a Senior Humanitarian Policy Advisor, said on the fourth anniversary that ‘if we are to make the hardest places on earth better, we must go to them.’ He is correct: we cannot be innocent bystanders. In a globalised world, we need to fulfil our duty and petition, protest, bring about awareness, give aid and never tolerate the intolerable.”

    It is sad that oppression continues on in spite of the so-called enlightenment of industrialized nations. I wish that leaders would wake up to the fact that neglecting the oppressed and underprivileged anywhere will eventually destroy us all, just like an untreated disease. When you think about it, oppression is a disease of society that effects everyone of us one way or another so we all should have an interest in this.


    1. Amen to everything you said here, Denise! Oppression affects us all, and we should have an interest in it; unfortunately, far too many people don’t. Sad.

      (Sorry it took me so long to reply. I’ve mostly been offline and taking a Sunday break from writing!)


      1. Don’t worry about replying. I understand completely. I’ve been in the same boat for the last several weeks. It’s great that you take a day to rest. 🙂


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