The Punishment of Injustice

A powerful post by Tim Fall. I appreciate how his high school story ties in with pursuit of God’s justice and with Harriet Beecher Stowe’s Uncle Tom’s Cabin. Much food for thought!

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[From the archives. This first appeared as a guest post on Natasha Robinson’s blog.]


“I hear you don’t like Mexicans.” He looked Hispanic and he looked angry.

“What?” I stood at my high school locker late that afternoon, the halls empty but for me and my accuser.

“I heard you said you don’t like Mexicans.”

He leaned in, taller, stronger, threatening. It didn’t take much to be taller and stronger than me. I was a shrimpy freshman. It didn’t take much to threaten me either. I was also a wimpy freshman.

“I didn’t say that.” All I wanted was to convince this guy not to hit me. It looked like he was going to anyway. “If I said something wrong, I’m sorry.”

He still looked ready to punch me. I didn’t like getting punched. It invariably hurt and I invariably cried. Crying in high school in the 70s was not a way to…

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6 thoughts on “The Punishment of Injustice

  1. I held my breath while reading Tim’s account of his high school interaction. I was scared to read he’d be beaten to a pulp. The ending of his experience surprised me…

    I’ve been falsely accused of theft (it was race-related, in junior high and while there was no violence,I’ll never forget the injustice of the situation. It was minor – extremely minor – compared to the injustice and agony that many people suffer in life. I’m grateful it didn’t explode into something uglier and more traumatic.

    Thanks for sharing Tim’s post, Laura! I always enjoy reading how you support one another’s writing and views through your blogs…

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