A quote on comparing ourselves to others

My gym has a white board with inspirational quotes. Here’s one:

7da4f004d9644be0a8db5d610e0f6e44This is a great thing to remember whenever we start to play the comparison game. At church this past week, the teacher quoted a verse about not comparing ourselves to others, lest we become envious and boasting.

When I see that your grass is greener, I’m jealous. (Her stomach is flatter! He’s smarter! She has a publishing deal! And I bet they’re gloating over how much better they are, too.)

On the flip side, if your grass is browner, I become a little too big for my ballcap. (Ha, MY stomach was flatter when I was seven months pregnant! Ha, my dog is smarter than he is, and I don’t even OWN a dog! Ha, I know how to split infinitives better than SHE does! And I can splice commas like nobody’s business! And become judgmental about grammar!)

Neither is good. We’re all humans; we all have strengths and weaknesses; we need to encourage each other, not tear each other down through silly comparisons based on the color of our lawns. I need to work on my own lawn before I start envying yours or telling you what type of fertilizer you need to be using.

I may have hit the limits of this grass metaphor. But that’s okay.Ā Today I’m reading through my first draft of my fourth novel, so I need to keep the post short anyway. I hope your Wednesday is great!

P.S.: If you avoid the gym because you think everyone will be looking at you, don’t worry. We’re all equally afraid that you’ll be looking at us!



9 thoughts on “A quote on comparing ourselves to others

  1. Any time I compare myself to others, I end up in “trouble”, but inevitably (even though I know better!), I do! I think it’s just part of “being human”, I guess. Your post is a good reminder to stay focused on my own “lawn”, as “brown” as it may be!!! šŸ™‚ (Actually, my front lawn is BROWN and the back one is now BARE because of the draught!) :)p


    1. Our lawn is greenish, but only because we hire Chemlawn (or TrueGreen or some other chemical-spraying company) to keep it that way! If it were up to me, the lawn would be dead. I have the opposite of a green thumb. šŸ™‚

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  2. I compare way too much, and believe me I really do know better. Usually when I catch myself at it I either tell myself to knock it off, laugh at my foolishness, or both. Thanks for the grass metaphors to help me remember, Laura.

    P.S. This post is getting shared on Facebook and Twitter!


  3. Hi Laura, This is something I have been praying about/working on for a while. It’s getting better…but not better enough. The grass visual helps – thanks!


  4. Well said! This is why I just stick with ‘one day at a time’ because comparing oneself to others (or even to an idealised version of self) is directly contrary to comparing myself to God, whether I’m comparing myself as ‘less than’ or comparing myself as ‘more than’. It’s just wrong. I still catch myself at it, but now I (usually) immediately place it before God.


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