Short story contest opportunity

Ever wanted to enter your short fiction in a contest? Well, I’m helping judge the Ruminate short story contest (officially known as the William Van Dyke short story contest) and the deadline has been extended until midnight TONIGHT. That’s Tuesday, August 11, 2015.

Every submission is read “blind”, meaning that I and the other judges don’t know who wrote the story. So if you do enter, don’t include your name, bio, and contact info in the story (like you would for a normal submission). And please remember that this is a contest for fiction, not non-fiction. You can read the full guidelines by clicking on the link I’ve provided above.

Pass along this information to any writers on your social networks who might be interested. We’d love to read your stories!


4 thoughts on “Short story contest opportunity

  1. Great publicity, Laura. I had a story I thought I might submit. I hemmed. I hawed. I hemmed some more, and did a little more hawing. Then yesterday I submitted to the urge to submit. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I guess! It’s great that you’re a reader for this contest — must be interesting!


    1. It’s definitely interesting! Don’t tell me any more about your story or I won’t be able to vote on it. 🙂 This contest is a major source of funding for Ruminate, so having a bit more publicity always helps.


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