A Thin Place

Yesterday marked eighteen years since I dropped out of college. I desperately needed treatment for an eating disorder and depression, though I didn’t realize that until a chance encounter with a fictional police detective, Victor Hugo’s Javert, opened my eyes. A few years ago, I published an account on Mary DeMuth’s blog. This is the opening. Enjoy! 

The darkness in the crowded theater thickened around me as I watched Les Miserables on stage. I was a college sophomore, a straight A student, a young woman who berated herself for every nuance of the law that she broke—and the perfect anorexic.

With every meal I skipped, with every laxative swallowed, with every binge, the distance between me and God grew thicker until I saw only darkness. (Read the rest here.)


4 thoughts on “A Thin Place

  1. The power of theater, of art, to bring truth to life is one of God’s amazing graces. Thanks for linking to that piece you wrote for Mary years ago, Laura, and for your wonderful testimony of freedom in Jesus.


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