Brendel on what it takes to listen to others


I found this quote on a Linked-In article about the value of listening. It’s not to be taken as a message to remain silent in the face of injustice, but a reminder that we need to listen to others, and that requires that we keep our mouths still and our ears open. Brendel is a concert pianist, by the way, so I imagine that he knows a thing or two about listening.


7 thoughts on “Brendel on what it takes to listen to others

  1. And the word “tinsel,” too — only 78 days till Christmas! 🙂 Seriously, though, this is such a good reminder. How can we hear others if we’re so busy talking? How can we hear God speaking to us if we’re filling up the void with stuff, busyness, “online content,” etc.?



  2. I thought of you today as I was listening to my friends talk about the first “Black Like Me” meeting that was held at our church last night. Good conversation (as always with this group!) and some interesting points of view expressed while “listening”……:)


      1. We talked about one of the meetings that our friend went to called “envision network”…there’s currently an organization in the Bay Area that runs 3 charter based high schools that reach out to minority and disadvantage kids who haven’t “made it” in the regular public schools….Spent some more time talking about white privilege and how most of us (myself, included!) are not always “aware” of it. Our church is currently setting up “visits” with AME churches in the area for interviews and our social comm. is discussing some other venues to pursue to try to help the “black lives matter” movement…My friends are older than me and it was great to hear some of their stories from when they were younger and went to protests during the 60’s….any way, they keep me “on my toes”!! 🙂

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