At the risk of being annoying, I’d like to share a NEW video from Brianna Van Dyke, editor-in-chief of Ruminate.

We’ve got about 72 hours left in our campaign to raise 52,500 dollars. (Lots of people decided to be monthly donors. Good for them. Thank you!) We’re at 27.77% as of now, and a lot of momentum going.

There are several blog posts of interest over at the Ruminate home. Sophfronia Scott, board member Judith Deem Dupree, and other authors have shared their passion for seeing this literary journal survive. Even other literary journals are tweeting and sharing about our #artmatters campaign.

I mentioned the campaign to our Sunday school class this past week. No one had heard of us. (That’s not surprising, given the church demographics. Lots of engineers, few art-literary people.) The teacher asked if this was something to pass on to the church mission team.

No, it’s not.

We’re not publishing the Christian fiction you might find at Lifeway. But we have published short stories and essays that later won Pushcart Prizes and mentions in Best American Essays. (Click through to read Jeremy Jones’ personal and beautiful post about his Ruminate essay about his grandfather’s death, which later was listed as a Notable Essay in Best American Essays. ) And it’s incredible to think that I get to be an itty-bitty part of this wonderful journal.


6 thoughts on “Momentum

      1. Before I was given the volunteer job there, I had submitted a few pieces to them. One ALMOST made it, and Brianna wrote a wonderful and encouraging rejection note. I haven’t figured out where to submit that piece; it’s creative non-fiction, and I haven’t found the right “home” for it yet. 🙂

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