Wonderful News

2f01385b8f6041e792cbae51ffd66db8A few minutes ago, I received word that Ruminate will continue publishing. I’m so excited that I had to share this news with my loyal blog readers. Thank you for your support of our Art Matters campaign. We dreamed big (like the Scrabble letters told us) and were encouraged at the tremendous response.

This is wonderful news for many, many people. Most obviously, those of us who invest time and energy into this literary journal, but also writers and artists. Right now, our nonfiction contest is running, so if non-fiction is your niche or if you’ve got a stellar piece of creative non-fiction, consider submitting your work. As well, our short story contest is currently open to submissions. (I already have several to read!)

Thank you again for your support. This is encouraging to me.

And now for a moment of blatant self-promotion . . . If you’re on Pinterest, guess what? I’m on Pinterest, too. I’m creating boards based on my current WIP (revolving around a young teen named Cady), writing, quotations, various science/math/art research interests, and funny (to me) photos. I’d love for you to follow me and for me to follow you.


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