What makes your day better?



11 thoughts on “What makes your day better?

  1. What makes my day better? Telling people how much I’m grateful/appreciate them, complementing a total stranger on their clothing or shoes or smile or whatever and then watching them smile and respond back, “Gee, thanks, a lot. Thanks.” A simple act of kindness and statement of appreciation goes so far in my day… 🙂


    1. I try to compliment various strangers (or near strangers) on something about them that catches my eye, be it a necklace or scarf. (Once I considered complimenting a young man on his tattoo–it was very cool–but I thought that might seem a little, uh, inappropriate!) People like to be noticed, I think.

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      1. I totally get your hesitancy with the young tattoo guy, but I betcha anything, HE would have sincerely appreciated it. 🙂 And people definitely like to be “noticed”/ “seen”..I think it validates our humanness and that we somehow matter – even if the person that we “matter to” is a stranger. It still matters…. 🙂


      2. I agree about how this validates our humanity. There have been times when I’ve been depressed and the simple act of having a cashier at a fast food joint smile and treat me with kindness has helped me feel better. On the flip side, when I go to places I frequent on a regular basis and no one will make eye contact with me, that can be very discouraging. I end up feeling disconnected and isolated from the world. Not a good feeling.


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