Eating my words

This is when I have to eat my words.

A few years ago, I ditched my Facebook and Twitter accounts because of their effect on my mental health. I wrote a few blog posts on the issue.

In December, I read a recent blog post by Kristen Oliphant titled Engaging Audiences Through Twitter in 15 Minutes a Day , and decided to give her suggestions a try. So, while I am definitely staying away from Facebook, I am on Twitter now. And if you happen to follow @tim_fall, you might already know that! (Thanks for the shout-out, Tim.)

You can follow me @LauraDroege. I’ll follow back. But I really will try to keep my time to 15 minutes a day, though, as I still have novels to write, blogs to post, and a life to live offline!



8 thoughts on “Eating my words

  1. Well, you already know that I’m thrilled about it! 😉 you can stick to your vow…I know you can.
    Rah rah! (Sorry, I can’t resist adding the goofy, obnoxious cheerleader postscript!)


  2. I am so glad you are on Twitter, Laura, as it will help me share your writing!

    And as for limited engagement, I totally get that too. Feel free to ignore anything I ever write, if that helps you stay within your limits. Or just ignore what I write anyway. I know I do.


  3. Nice to see you on Twitter, Laura! I use Twitter mostly for news updates, reading interesting posts and articles, and sharing them. But it can become quite a time-sucker, so that 15-minute idea is a good challenge.


    1. So far, I haven’t finished what I’m “supposed” to do on Twitter in 15 minutes; it’s taken more around 30 minutes. I’m still learning how to use Hootsuite and all that, so hopefully it will be more manageable as time goes on. The article describes a very packed-full 15 minutes!


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