An epidemic of busyness…

This is the post that I referenced in my previous post. Enjoy!

Enough Light

There seems to be an epidemic of busyness. At least this is my experience in recent years. We have stages of life that are busier than others, and that is normal. But it seems everyone is now busy – even people not in a “busy stage” of life. What’s going on?

I’ll give a personal example. We know several couples from different areas of our life, who are either in early retirement or young empty nesters. They no longer have children at home. With the empty nest couples, one spouse works full time and the other spouse is part-time or not employed. These people, theoretically, should be in a less busy stage of life. Right?

Yet, when we attempted to get together with them for lunch or dinner, they were not able to “schedule us in” for 3 to 6 months. And when we did finally get together, it was…

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