His love endures forever


In church, a group of children read Psalm 136. An older child read the “give thanks” parts and the younger ones echoed, “His love endures forever.” It seemed an appropriate reminder for the day before Thanksgiving: all we have has been given to us by God.

The photo is one I took last Thanksgiving. My sister-in-law, an interior decorator turned nurse, had her house all decorated for the holiday, and I wandered around with my new camera, snapping photos. She found that odd, especially when I took photos of the desserts and stuffing and casseroles. The turkey got away, though. He was delicious.


8 thoughts on “His love endures forever

  1. I’ve often felt that we over here should have some kind of Thanksgiving as well. Thanking God, family, friends for all we have and all we have had.

    I do love turkey as well, with wholeberry cranberry sauce, over in the ‘mothership’ we tend to eat turkey at Christmas.


    1. The only problem with our Thanksgiving is that it’s so close to Christmas that it often is overlooked in the shop-until-you-drop, bake-and-eat, whirl of parties (office, church, school, etc.) frenzy leading up to December 25th. (We often eat turkey at Christmas and Thanksgiving, which is fine with me. It’s delicious.) If I had to choose another time of year for Thanksgiving, I’d put it in early October or late September, just to break up the fall holiday schedule a bit!


  2. In a class I taught on the Psalms with adults, we did an imitation of this Psalm. We went around the room and each person would say something they were personally thankful for, and then the rest of us would say together “his love endures forever”. Great meme!


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