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After writing two other not-published-yet novels, I moved on to my 3rd novel. Each one is an improvement on the last, though I’m still not as skilled of a novelist as I want to be. (But are any writers as skilled as they’d like to be? Hmm.)

Here’s a taste of A Certain Slant of Light. 

Kellyn escaped sex trafficking as a young teenager and now, seven years later, is doing just fine. That’s what she tells herself. Never mind the cutting or the anorexia. Or how she can’t bear to touch anyone or have anyone touch her. Or the way the flashbacks pop up at the most inconvenient moments, making her wonder if those around her know about her past. She can’t entirely remember her past but she can’t entirely escape it, either.

Enter a cat. A one-eyed cat, with an eccentric artist owner, and a painting that touches her soul. His painting makes her want to reach beyond the barrier between her and other people and find freedom. But can this artist be trusted?

Then a stalker preys on her. She’s just begun to heal, and important parts of her history are closed off in her mind. She suspects that this man might know what those parts hold. But finding out means putting herself in the same danger she’s fighting to escape. How far will she go to learn the truth? And will the truth set her free or put her back in bondage?

Update January 2018: At this point, I’ve written four novels. The third and fourth went through multiple drafts before I decided to scrap most of what I’d written and rewrite from scratch: different plots, major changes in the cast of characters, significant differences in the premises. The third novel still involves sex trafficking, and the fourth still deals with racism and injustice. But, really, the books have become different books. And each book has a working first draft: rough, messy, but promising.

9 thoughts on “My Work

  1. Hey, I just read your story at the Rose and Thorn Journal, it’s great!

    A quiet, subtle story that still manages to move… great stuff.



  2. Hey There! I am excited to be following your blog!! So awesome that you are writing a novel!! Ahhh ! WAY TO GO!! Keep on pressing in 🙂 Thanks for your comments on my testimony the other day too!


  3. Hi Laura

    A most intriguing synopsis! The Lord has blessed you with an amazing gift of taking painful experiences and having us learn and grow through them. There are far too many people labelled as substandard and unacceptable for ministry because they struggle with depression or bipolar disorder. You prove all of the critics wrong through sharing your heart and your life.

    The Lord has me working on two books, namely, “Prayers from the Garden” and “Reflections From Dreaming Together for a Better World.”

    I offer this prayer for you and your readers.

    This is a synopsis of another book I hope to write.

    So many wounded hearts need the inner healing that flows out of your writing to a waiting and listening audience, of which I am one..

    Have a Son-filled week!



    1. Thank you for the kind words, Kevin. After reading your blog posts, I know that you know firsthand what pain looks and feels like, and you have chosen to write and help encourage others in their struggles. Thank you for being willing to do that!


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